Life as an Extreme Sport

small glimmers

A few hours later, and at least I got one (rather visible) thing working right. God, reminds me of my CRC days, except without Bennett to keep me company. And this is ever-so-much more fun with someone else around. Especially when there are random episodes of CSI or BSG playing in the background.

And now, oh, dilemma. Continue banging my head against this wall, or switch to the wall of epistemology. Either way, I end up with a headache.

(Lest anyone think that all I feel like doing is taking a break every few hours to swear and complain, rest assured, the swearing and complaining has been pretty much nonstop – I just opt to share every few hours. And a very large portion of the day was very good – the cohesive feeling of the graduate student group at school continues to exist, and yours truly just got herself crowned queen of a committee for an upcoming conference, as the combination of my work and past conference experience made me the ideal choice. It’s just that it’s back to the balance thing, and the start of the semester is a rough time to hold job talks and candidate interviews, since with my academic schedule this semester, it ends up wiping out an entire day.)