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random musings from the airport

Catching up on news while I’m waiting to board the plane (all hail free wifi, thank you PDX!), and reading about the Shawn Hornbeck case a little more. Obviously, Bill O’Reilly made a bit of national noise last week (I know, shock, O’Reilly making noise) when he suggested that the teenager had run away from home, and didn’t want to go home for numerous reasons. Now it’s coming out that the teen had contact with police several times during his abduction, but never said anything about being kidnapped – and people are wondering why. Stockholm Syndrome is being suggested and just as quickly dismissed, but what I don’t see anyone saying or comparing is Hornbeck’s experience with that of Elizabeth Smart. She was abducted by a stranger, abused, controlled (clothing, sleep schedule, etc), and her family threatened. She had contact with the public while she was held captive, but never said anything – until she was found and rescued.

Seems pretty similar, and worth comparing, yet no one has. Strange. Woops – we’re boarding! Time for me to migrate back to the East Coast!