Life as an Extreme Sport

radio silence

I have fallen under a contemplative radio silence, prompted by being incredibly busy academically, as well as at work. And, more accurately, because I find my response to the fierce return of the cancer trying to kill my mother has made me sink into a quiet reflectiveness that does not lend itself to the internet at large.

…but I can never stay quiet for long, so I suspect my inane chatter will start up again soon. In fact, were I to make any predictions, I would guess that I will start posting pictures of my time here in Portland (as I have fled back to the West Coast for a week plus a few days), and then ruminations from that.

Anyhow. I am here. I am merely watching the world, rather than actively participating. At least in an online sense.

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  1. Uhm, yeah, Kelly… I have yet to read an “inane” post from you. You have a gift for finding the uniqueness in even the most mundane of experiences, and an ability to express your insights beautifully.

    I am very sad to hear that your mother is continuing to face the ravages of cancer. Please accept my sincerest wishes for the best possible outcome to her battle.

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