Life as an Extreme Sport

Pretty Purple Post-Its

Simple things have the ability to make me so happy. Take my post-it notes, for example. I just unwrapped these nearly-purple post-it notes, and just the sight of them sitting there, waiting and ready to be written on, makes me bubble. I also have a new pad of legal paper, perfect for note taking, and smaller perfectly purple post-it notes for small note taking on top of it. (I can hear Jenna now. Shush!)

I’ve been tight. I know this because I’m starting to unwind, and oh my god does it hurt like you just wouldn’t believe. Add to that the rather common (but still unpleasent) monthly cramps, and my back and neck are just misery. The worst of it is in my neck and shoulders; on top of that I can feel a nice mouse-knot that formed out of no where yesterday. It’s like a little tennis ball of agony! It actually hurt to type this morning, a feeling I’ve not had for years.

Still, today for the first time since Monday, I’m starting to breathe. To isolate where the problems that have tensed and stressed me are, and to work on untangling them and resolving them.

A few identified areas:
* I feel like I’m in a Reno-situation.
* I don’t do enough outside the house.
* I need to remember to smile.
* I’m torn by conflicting desires.
* I miss Mars.

I’ll write more about each of the five things later, but not right now. Right now I’m back to feeling doubled over, like I’ve been kicked in the stomach. Only this time, it’s accompanied by quiet, wet tears.