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Portland 2007 Pictures

A little late, but better than never.

A few pictures of me and Dad at Multnomah Falls, in the Columbia River Gorge. We were coming back from a brunch at the Columbia River Inn, about 30 miles east of here along the river.

Buckets of pictures from one of the prettiest places on earth: Cannon Beach, Oregon. Mostly photos of the scenery – specifically the ocean, Haystack Rock, and the sunset, but also some people and birds.


  1. These photos are lovely! I particularly love the ones you took at the beach. Growing up, my family and I spent every spring break at Neskowin playing in the sand and surf, walking down the beach, and hunting for agates.

  2. My god. I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been drawn to Oregon and the Pacific NW for some time, though I’ve never set foot out there. Those of Multnomah Falls literally made my mouth drop open. And the narrative about its origin is even better.

  3. Heh Daniel – you’d love that section of the Gorge. It’s part of the Columbia River Highway, and has something like 7 waterfalls and a few smaller gorges (which you can swim back through or hike on top of to find more waterfalls). The longest year round cascading waterfall in the contiguous US is there, too – Wakeena Falls.

    Most of my pictures of the Gorge are actually on film, but I’ll start getting them scanned in when my printer arrives. It’s one of my favourite places on earth, and I make a trip out there every time I’m in Oregon. Before I moved back here, I went out to Oneoda Gorge, which is my favourite spot within the larger waterfall area. It’s a deep gorge, with a river down the middle. There are large boulders and log jams, but if you climb past them, then swim through the small lake created by the jam, you reach a beautifully serene waterfall few people ever see. In the summer, it just radiates serenity and calm… I broke perhaps a law or two and swiped a rock from the river bed to leave on my altar, and I often hold it as a centering device when I’m way frazzled and stressed.

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