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Planetary Politics

Today’s NYTimes Book Review is worth the read – they explain what books presidential hopefuls (and people hoped will run, regardless of what they’ve said) should read. Includes such advice as:

Former mayor of New York

Should tell reporters he’s read “Childhood’s End,” by Arthur C. Clarke: An advanced intelligence arrives from above, creating a utopia by integrating all of humanity into a single mind that thinks and acts as one.

Might also consider reading “The War of the Worlds,” by H. G. Wells: During a cataclysmically destructive event, an observant bystander happens to be in the right place at the right time and thereafter never stops talking about it.


Former vice president of the United States

Should tell reporters he’s read “The Andromeda Strain,” by Michael Crichton: Working in quiet isolation, a team of scientists manages to avert catastrophe through the systematic application of reason.

Might also consider reading “Foundation,” by Isaac Asimov: A supergenius with a knack for predicting the future determines that things on Earth are about to get very bad very soon. In return for his service, he is arrested.

Delightfully snarky!