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Party of the Season!

Oh, last night was fun, and not in the “I drank too much” way – I had a single glass of wine early in the evening, then stuck to Hansen sodas. But Phillip BBQ’d an amazing array of corn, salmon, burgers, potatos, and so on, people brought amazing food and drinks, and best of all, we watched the sun set atop the Olympics and the water from various places across the balcony.

I spent pleasent time talking with Eleanor, John’s wife, as well as goofing off with John. Uma, Phillip’s wife was there, and it was lovely to talk with her, also – she’s a wonderfully sweet woman. I also found out who else will be PFing with me this fall, and I can say with assurances that we’re going to have a seriously kickass class, as well as less work for me since there are a total of four PFs. This makes me feel better about my class workload. Chatted with the other folks, and there was a lot of laughing and relaxation.

The best was as night fell and the stars came out. The crowd started to thin, and after a while it was just pockets of (admittedly mostly drunken) conversation in darkened corners. Soon it was just four of us, talking softly and watching the stars. I could have easily stayed another hour; there was the indication that the other three would be up and talking for that time, but it was a proper time to leave and get myself home, and so I did, smiling and relaxed all the way.

I cannot think of a more pleasent way to lose seven hours of work on my project.

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