Life as an Extreme Sport


I’ve been outed, the rumours are true, I write for more than just you,… whoa, apparently Joss Whedon invaded my thoughts, as I was about to bust out in some Once More, With Feeling-style lyrical shenanigans.

But yes, for those of you reading the editors blog of the American Journal of Bioethics, that would indeed be me that the lead editor just introduced. For those keeping track, that means I write here, there, at the Women’s Bioethics Blog, and the Medical Humanities blog. That’s a lot of blogging.

In actuality, though, I find it pretty easy to figure out what goes where – I just start writing, and the content directs me with where to post. The closest overlap tends to come on issues for the Women’s Bioethics Blog and the AJOBlog, and in that case, the tone (or “voice” for those of you plagued by a theory-heavy humanities background like myself) tends to tell me where to go.

…does this make me a blogaddict?