Life as an Extreme Sport

never argue with a philosophy major

Michael: You know, the ability to walk through walls could be handy
Kelly: except how do you not walk thru the floor, too?
Kelly: that’s always bothered me
Kelly: a floor is just a wall for your feet
Michael: Well you see, you’d have to have enough pressure to push through
Kelly: and stepping down wouldn’t be enough pressure?
Kelly: besides, if you push *against*, you would also be pushing *down*
Michael: I figure, basically, if you’re exerting enough pressure that you would break something, then instead you pass through
Kelly: if you push against, you push down – to prevent yourself from just going back
Kelly: you’d sink just as much as you’d go thru
Michael: You’re ignoring my theory.
Kelly: because your theory is stupid
Michael: My theory is only stupid to the ignorant!
Kelly: …or people who understand how force works

*whistles innocently*
(Seriously, if anyone does want to weigh in, feel free. But this is a really good example of why arguing with me when I’m peckish isn’t a good idea. And yes, Michael, I realize you’ll just say I’m always peckish. :p )


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