Life as an Extreme Sport

My Pain, My Brain

My sister alerted me to this article in the New York Times that looks at chronic pain from the eyes of someone suffering it, and trying to treat it via functional MRIs. The idea is fascinating, and my immediate response is hoping there’s a trial underway in Albany (there won’t be, but a girl can dream).

I have found, repeatedly, that if I can make the time to meditate and de-stress myself, my own chronic pain fades in intensity. Likewise, distraction helps – hence hurting another area of my body earlier this weekend when the pain was unmanageable. (Pain gating mechanisms are fun!)

Distraction helps, but is harder to manage, especially when so many distractions tend to involve utilizing the areas of my body that hurt. However, kitty-heating pads are moderatley successful, and I suspect it’s why I’ve been watching so many estrogen-movies and shows recently. They bring out a different hormone response, and fully engage me in their fantasy, removing me from the pain of my reality.

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