Life as an Extreme Sport

kelly, kelly, wherefor art thou, kelly?

Yeah, I haven’t been online much at all lately. Two storms in a row made internet connectivity a bitch (wind, then ice), and this morning Time Warner finally came out to swap out some equipment. In theory, this places me back online. Except.

There’s always an except.

To help control pain, I use something called lidoderm patches. They’re basically glue and lidocaine, topical patches. They work really well to control surface neuropathy. Perfect, right? Well. Sort of. The problem with the lidoderm is that some people? Have allergic reactions if you wear it too long.

Some people like me.

I’ve taken benadryl, and am going to see if I have any cream that will help. If not, I think I’ll paste up some benadryl as a topical. Sigh.

In the meantime, typing hurts like you wouldn’t believe – both from the neuropathy, and also from the allergic reaction. I’m going to curl up in bed and whimper some more, like the broken doll I am.


  1. Now why in the world’d anyone want to do that? Tormenting me seems to be the fun new thing – all the cool kids are doing it.

    I left out bits about the insurance company, UA screwing up several different things, including insurance and my residency, and the fact that a few hours after I posted the above pictures, the rash hit with a vengeance over both hands, my right elbow/arm, up my neck, and on both feet. Keeping in mind that I hadn’t worn any on my feet or neck… it’s back down to just hands now, but I look like I’ve been scalded with hot water. And I’m taking benedryl like it’s water and I’m in the desert. If it’s not better in a few hours, I’ll probably wander into either the clinic or the ER and see if I can have a few doses of liquid benedryl. :-/

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