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In Which I Ignore the Bad Idea Bears & Write About Bioethics & Corruption

BIBsYou turn your back on me for one minute, and there I go writing about bioethics again. This time, it’s about corruption and industry-funding of bioethics, and how that’s a Very Bad Idea:

With great power comes great responsibility. While this sentiment was first given voice in a Spider-Man comic, the idea itself is a common cultural trope that focuses on responsibility and accountability to something greater than oneself. The contrast of the trope is best summed up by the phrase “with great power comes great perks”, or with Rob MacDougall’s argument in defense of industry funding bioethicists.

I manage to talk about Spider-Man and Western movie tropes, and also had an invigorating discussion about religion and Spider-Man behind the scenes when editing this. You know you’re intrigued. Give a click and read.