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I saw a sparkle

Note: Mr. Magarium’s Wonder Imporium? Perhaps not the best movie to see two weeks on the nose of your mother’s death, given that, you know, the entire plot is around death and dying. Not that you’d know from the adverts or reviews.

Oddly, with a cast including Natalie Portman and Dustin Hoffman, Jason Bateman was the best part of the movie. Well, no, actually, the sock monkey was the best part. But Bateman was a close second.

In other not surprising news, my family might be a little twisted and wrong. We got home from dinner (met my bro and his gf for sushi after the movie), and there was a message from Kaiser’s grief services saying they were available for any of us, call if we want to talk, etc and so forth. Tracy asked if we could delete it, and we then had the following conversation:

Dad: I think Molly needs to talk to them.
Tracy: She really hasn’t been herself.
Me: Yeah, she’s just been sleeping on the couch all day…
Tracy: Hey Molly, we’re gonna call the counseling service for you!

Molly just looked up at us and meowed.

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