Life as an Extreme Sport

I am not pleased.

The pain management doctor, the one it took me nearly three months of waiting to see, accused me of drug-seeking behaviour today and refused to refill my prescriptions unless my prescription bottles were in order with the proper dates, and I brought him those bottles. Of course, since I just went to Denver, and put my medicatiosn in smaller (still properly labeled, just older) bottles, I can’t do what he wants – couldn’t do what he wanted even if I had the original bottle, since the prescriptions were written and filled before I left Seattle. He flat out said I must be abusing the system if I don’t have a prescription filled, locally, since August.

Oh, and on top of that, he gave me a long lecture on how I can’t be on narcotics the rest of my life, and it’s not a feasible long term treatment. I asked him what his suggestion was, and he rattled off a list of things we already tried, with no success. He said “we’ll try them again and they’ll work.”

Look, you only get to shove needles in my neck so many times before I say “enough”. I think this is perfectly reasonable – needle in neck, no relief? Going to stop trying it after a while.

It’s a fucking chronic pain problem because it’s chronic. It’s not going to go away! There is no cure!

I’m going to talk to the University Health clinic doc tomorrow; I can’t have a working relationship with someone who has my charts and history in front of him, and still accuses me of being an addict.

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  1. bastards.

    This pissed me off when I read it, just after you posted it. It is reminiscent of my recent bought of doctor hating, and it just gave me uber angry.

    Fuck him and his god complex.

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