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His Truth is Marching On – Life as an Extreme Sport
Life as an Extreme Sport

His Truth is Marching On

First, read the lyrics to Mike Doughty’s His Truth is Marching On, if you’re not already familiar with the song (and really, why aren’t you?). Then read his reply to some email/AIM here. Just another reason he’s one of those musicians that develops such a loyal following (myself, quite obviously, included).


  1. FUCK! It’s hard these days, making comments on blogs…

    [3rd time will be a charm]

    Thanks for this, KH. I love M.Doughty, and really enjoyed the post(s)-


  2. Most awesome – always happy to find out when someone else loves M. Doughty. I had a chance to see him for the last tour, and meet him after. What an amazing man!

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