Life as an Extreme Sport

Flu 2.0 with strep throat upgrade

So as I think most people have figured out, I got sick again right after midterms. Actually, probably during midterms – I got the strep diagnosis at an insanely late hour, and when I talked to my doc the next day she sort of shrugged and said oh well, yes, people have been relapsing with this particular flu and did I do anything stupid like not get my normal rest recently, or hang out in the cold and snow for a while trying to convince my car to actually shift gears when it hit a chunk of ice or something and froze halfway shifted between two and four wheel drive?

Well, she might not have been so specific in the last bit, but that is what delayed me to getting to one midterm last Friday.

I’ve been running a high fever for three of the last four days – why my body took a break yesterday to dial back down to nearly normal, I don’t know, but today I’ve been awake a grand total of maybe five hours. I keep falling asleep in front of the computer, and I’d care if I weren’t so damned tired.

So yes, I’m sick and miserable and ready to jettison my immune system out the fucking airlock, because seriously, what point is there to it? I’ve been on antibiotics since Tuesday, so the strep part of the throat is mostly fine, although strep + throwing up is one of the least fun things I’ve experienced in a while. But the general rule of thumb is that fever == contagious, so I’ve stayed cooped up in bed. Not that I’ve had much energy to do anything else.

Anyhow, I was catching up on comics, and see RK over at Something Positive has apparently been miserably sick too. And did a comic about what happens to you when you’re sick, and you have cats. And goddamn, while I love the little fury beasts, Lunar thinks this exact thing is a winning strategy when I feel like hell. Why?