Life as an Extreme Sport

everybody else’s girl

I was sitting in Bauhaus today when Journey’s “greatest hits” came on, and was surprised at the strength of negative emotion is sent coursing through me. Have someone dedicate a few of those songs to you, and you suddenly realize just how creepy the lyrics are. I wrestle with saying any more than that, which suggests it’s not time to.

But in the grand trip down memory lane that today turned into, this, this made me smile, and turn wistful thoughts towards someone I’ve not seen in years. He always used to say similar to me, and played other songs for me. I wonder where he is, and how he’s doing? He’d be so tickled with how my life is going; my Neuromancer project would have thrilled him (he’s the one who introduced me to the book, after all).

If I could tell him one thing, it would be that someday came, and I’m finally my own girl.

Do you ever realize how important the words you say now might be in 15 years?