Life as an Extreme Sport

Erie, Pennsylvania

This day did not start well, what with the trailer having its license plate stolen, then Lunar getting out of the SUV at the above-pictured rest stop (yes, really, that’s the inside of a rest stop in Indiana) and making a break for it. The day just got worse from there – I’m surprised we were speaking to one another by the end of it.

I was always getting up last on the trip, so Dad had gone outside and seen the problem with the trailer before I was even out of the shower. That, combined with a distinct lack of coffee and absolutely horrific and grossly expensive breakfast put him in a nasty mood, and he took it out on his driving, nearly getting into accidents several times (once nearly involving my mother and me). Then, to top things off, I needed to change the water for the cats, and had restrained Toledo – the one always trying to get out. Lunar had been cowering and never trying to get out, so I paid little attention, which was my mistake. Lunar leapt from the car and made a mad dash for it.

Now, in this area, in addition to having funky airport rest stops, the freeway is simply adjacent – there is no wall, no ditch, no nothing. Just a short stretch of grass, then speeding cars. Which is right where Lunar darted. Thankfully, he turned and ran under the trailer, by which time I had gotten my parents attention and Toledo back inside. Mom ended up capturing Lunar, grabbing him by the tail, which was a painful sight to see. He’d also managed to break a few nails, probably when trying to get away from Mom.

That was my stress of the day, probably the trip. It was hell, terror, and I couldn’t imagine watching him getting hit by a car. Thankfully, it didn’t happen. He got a lot of cuddling later that night, when he felt like being near me.

Anyhow, this was the roughest day, the day before finishing the trip, which I think might be rather normal. And, there are some inside jokes in this particular set of pictures,… hope you enjoy them, mystery person they’re for. ๐Ÿ˜‰