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Enriched – Life as an Extreme Sport
Life as an Extreme Sport


I am an incredibly lucky woman. Through powers I don’t understand, I have attracted the most amazing, kind and generous people to my life. People like Colleen and Luke, who without thinking twice pulled together a care package of liquids and easy to eat foods for meRough-housing last night has left me in a soft cast on my left arm throught Christmas, immobilizing the hand and wrist, and turning me into a gimp. Again., brought said package over and put everything away for me – including the ever so thoughtful touch of opening twist-top Vitamin Water bottles for me, a small thing that makes life so startlingly easier. People like Adam, who stayed with me in the ER all morning and most of the afternoon, holding my hand when they examined me, forcing me to focus when they IV’d me, rubbing my neck, just talking to me – all at the delay of his own family holiday vacation. Lisa, who laughed and teased and was audibly exasperated and pleased and relieved over the phone. Matt, for cracking me up and wanting to stay in my life… Sunshine and Michael, who talk to me at all hours, and always have laughter and kinds words and genuineness to them – two folks who’ve overcome some major life challenges with grace that inspires. Holly, for her hugs and love and damned the world, make it better attitude. Kanna and her serenity and obvious caring. Phillip, for passionate inspiration, Sandra who grounds me and pushes me…

The list goes on. People whose love and affection for me I cannot miss, even in the depths of misery (last week) and pain (this). I know I let the negative opinion of individuals impact me a lot stronger than I should, but I think I might finally be learning to knock that off… I am so amazed and gratified by the support and deep love that exists for and around me. I have no idea how I managed to attract so many awesome people into my life, but I am very incredibly aware of and thankful to have such loving, caring people wanting to participate in and be a part of my world.