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El Salvador – In a Pro-Life Nation, Back Alley Abortions Go HiTech

The New York Times has a scary look at what happens in a country that bans abortions. El Salvador is a very Catholic country, and has banned all forms of abortions, for all reasons – yes, all reason. Even if the mother’s life is in danger. (So, among many other concerns, byebye Hippocratic Oath.)

Jack Hitt went to El Salvador to talk to women who had abortions, defying the law, to find out why, and how. The story is horrific. Back alley abortions are no longer wire hanger affairs; instead, it’s spraying pesticides into the uterus, inserting abortificants, praying that things work as described by anonymous people providing services. If a woman is caught, has to go to the hospital, she will be arrested – doctors are required to report the abortion/attempted abortion. Many women say that they were trying to kill themselves, a crime with a lesser sentence than abortion, which can garner 30 years in jail.

Perhaps the most horrific aspects? Forensic vaginal inspectors.

Read, weep, and vote prochoice.

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  1. Check out sites regarding femicide…forcing women to bear or
    abort children under dangerous conditions is (should be
    considered “FEMICIDE”.

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