Life as an Extreme Sport

Dove Zombies

I’m a bit behind in my blogdom the last few days, for which I apologize. I have things to reply to, things to read, other things to post – my excuse is cloudy lungs. (I’ve had pretty persistent bronchitis for the past month, and there’s some concern I’ve managed to go get myself pneumonia. Again.) Where a week ago I was hiking up and down stairs rapidly and with glee, today, I can’t get from couch to kitchen without serious breathing issues.

The life of a severe asthmatic. I’ll spare you my bitching about the smallness of Albany, which means it takes two plus months to get in to see a specialist (there just aren’t that many). I suspect I’ll do the whole “not breathing in the ER to get their attention” trick that worked so well for me the last time.

Anyhow! Digressing. The point of this isn’t to whine, the point is to save myself typing and YouTube linking, and say instead, “go read Jentery’s latest post. It’s all about the Dove beauty campaign, real beauty, and zombies. And then I dovetail (heh) us into phenomenology, and the decomposition of language.

It reminds me of everything I miss about CHID – people wondering why zombies aren’t used to better effect for the representation of the real, and no one blinks twice, but instead thoughtfully considers the option before replying. People here would look at me oddly for even trying. (For example, the looks I got this afternoon when I explained why faith and science aren’t the same things, and it’s possible for someone who’s religious to be scientifically agnostic… well, I gave up quickly and went back to reading CDC data on the new HIV testing recommendations.)

Anyways, why are you still reading this? Go read Jentery, not me!