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Desperate for Supporters, DeLay Turns to Stephen Colbert

Because Douglas doesn’t believe me that there are people out there taking Colbert seriously (in a not the way I take Colbert seriously way), I present to you, evidence the first, courtesy of Think Progress:

A good sign that Tom DeLay doesn’t have the facts on his side: the top source for his latest defense against his critics is Stephen Colbert.

This morning, DeLay’s legal defense fund sent out a mass email criticizing the movie “The Big Buy: Tom DeLay’s Stolen Congress,” by “Outfoxed” creator Robert Greenwald.

The email features a “one-pager on the truth behind Liberal Hollywood’s the Big Buy,” and the lead item is Colbert’s interview with Greenwald on Comedy Central (where Colbert plays a faux-conservative, O’Reilly-esque character). The headline of the “fact sheet”:

DeLay thinks Colbert is so persuasive, he’s now featuring the full video of the interview at the top of the legal fund’s website. And why not? According to the email, Greenwald “crashed and burned” under the pressure of Colbert’s hard-hitting questions, like “Who hates America more, you or Michael Moore?”

Apparently the people at DeLay’s legal fund think that Colbert is actually a conservative. Or maybe they’re just that desperate for supporters.

Is the DefendDelay site for real, or is it simply very very clever satire in its own? Sadly, I’m leaning towards for real – although if anyone has proof otherwise, please to be sharing. The commentary on Think Progress points out that there is a conservative contingency that doesn’t understand satire.