Life as an Extreme Sport

Cowboys and Coffee

I woke up early this morning, a little before 9am. Granted, this isn’t early in our typical scheme of thought, but given I didn’t go to bed until nearly 3am, it works as early for me.

I pulled on my robe and stumbled downstairs with a pair of magazines in hand and cats trailing around my feet. We shared yoghurt, I kept the cats out of my coffee, and the three of us curled up on the couch as I read through an older issue of The New Yorker and then started working my way through the Al Gore issue of Wired.

I realized as I read the magazines, sipped my coffee and petted whichever cat closest, that this was one of those ideals I’ve had in my life as long as I can remember. In fact, my clearest defining moment of this is sitting in an apartment in Fremont, the cold and crisp light of an early winter morning hitting the table through the window, watching the birch trees, birds and stream outside, listening to the Cowboy Junkies, reading a magazine and realizing I was near heaven in perfection. That has stayed with me to this day, but is also something I’ve largely discarded in my “busy” life.

Thing is, life is as busy as you make it, and I often make mine much more so by spending so much time online. It’s something I not only should stop, but need to stop – I need to maximize my time for education and work, certainly, but I also need to make room for reading magazines in the early morning, robe wrapped around me for warmth, cats on my feet, coffee in my hand. The magazines are a small break from the reading I normally have to do, and reading them ends up making me feel both more connected to the world, and smarter than I likely am.

This next month is going to largely be about, not only surviving my parents, but attempting to get myself back into habits that are good for me. From the mundane, eating right, brushing my teeth and doing laundry, to the soul-nurturing moves of reading more and staring at a computer screen less, this is the chance to reboot.