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Comcast Sucks

So, I got home to find Comcast prompting for installation of software, which I take issue with, having successfully used the service nearly two years now and not needing to do that. Of course, I couldn’t find any actual open number to call for help, so I’m sitting in Bauhaus catching up on paperwork, and trying to be committed to the idea of typing in this thing every evening. (Technically, I acknowledge I’ve already posted here today, but habit is habit.)

I’ve spent the last hour getting a message board together for 390, sending out information about the focus group, modifying the mailing list, and posting a few different items to said message board. I’m always surprised at how much additional work PFing* is; it’s not just doing the readings to the point that you can discuss them confidently, it’s the grading and the communicating and the… ohyeah, I’d wanted to create a smaller mailing list for “my” students. Gotta remember to do that before heading home.

But, oddly, I’m on top of things right now, which is an odd feeling. Then again, Phillip and I sat down today and knocked out a reading list for the next two quarters, and I have authors like Locke, Bentham, Mill, Spinoza, Deleuze, Hayles, Massumi, Serres, and so on starring at me. Being the glutton for punishment I am, I’m starting chronologically; this will be the quarter of philosophical backgrounds to autonomy. Thankfully, I can combine at least one reading with my intellectual history class, so that’ll be a small load off.

Where was I? Oh right. Comcast sucks. And because they suck, I don’t have my course reader for 390 with me, which means I won’t be posting my thoughts on Geertz, exoticization, eroticization, The Other and positionality. Perhaps tomorrow, when I’m tired of beating my head against a computer screen at work.

*PFing – shorthand for Peer Facillitating, which is basically an undergraduate student functioning as a teacher’s assistant. We create lesson plans, lead discussions, grade papers, and give feedback to the prof. It’s just that instead of being paid, we pay for the privilege. But it’s great experience; this is the third time I’ve done it, and I’m hoping for at least one more course this year. It’s weird, but it’s something I really and truly love to do.


  1. Actually, that’s the plan. ๐Ÿ™‚ On top of everything else this quarter, I’m starting the grad school process to collect a PhD, and spend most of my time teaching/in research.

    A different plan than a year ago, and one I fully and utterly blame on my adviser being an evil, evil person. ๐Ÿ™‚

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