Life as an Extreme Sport

Caturday*: Always Baffling

When Overlord Zeus moved in with me, he came along with a variation of the brand that I had been feeding Toledo – just a grain-free version. Which, fine, I figured it wouldn’t hurt Toledo, and his Overlordship clearly needed it for various digestion issues pet owners will understand and the rest of you really don’t want me divulging further detail.

I am not cat food. Zeus doesn't really care.
Being a cat, Zeus decided he didn’t like the food, and would carefully pick out all of the non-special dry food in the dish. Toledo found the grain-free diet too rich (something I’ve since learned is very common) and continually threw it up everywhere.

Fine, I can learn. I switched to another brand of food. We’ve been sort of muddling along with the Halo grain-free for a while, but neither cat seems to like it – both, as a matter of fact, do what can only be described as the cat version of holding their nose as they nibble at the dry food. This hasn’t been a huge issue because they also get wet food – not only are they spoiled, but it’s better for older male cats (it gets more moisture in their diet, which leads to less blood in the urine, which is always good in my book).

Well, when I was in the middle of a CLEAN ALL THE BEDROOM Monday night, I found a sealed tupperware of the old, grain-free food. I opened it up to see what was in the tupperware, and then left it on the carpet while I continued to clean.

Zeus came in, stuck his head in the tupperware, and proceeded to snarf down the entire dish of dry food.


So, with the help of the lovely folks at, I bought a small bag of the original grain-free formula, which was delivered today. I dutifully mixed it into the Halo grain-free… only to watch Zeus pick out and eat only the original grain-free (which, for the record, is Natural Balance’s grain-free duck and green pea).

I can take a hint. I put a few handfuls of the original grain-free in a tupperware container, and Zeus has been ignoring his wet food to snarf happily away at the dry.

Cats, man. Cats.

*Yes, I realize it’s technically 16 minutes until Caturday. However, I have every intent to either be asleep in 20 minutes, or at least nose very firmly stuck in a book, so Caturday just comes early. Besides, when you have two cats, every day is really Caturday.