Life as an Extreme Sport

wistful desire

If you don’t swallow your TV and digest it and taste it with your salty and sweet and bitter and whatever parts of your tongue, it doesn’t matter what you watch. Two hours of Big Brother is equal to sixteen hours of the History Channel or a single episode of Laguna Beach, if you look at it right. If you want to see war strategy in action. Whether it’s the nightly news or a sci-fi show, a show is not brainless if you engage with it; the quality of the entertainment is always directly dependent on the quality of the viewer, how much you are willing to risk in engagement. It’s about intimacy, interaction, the quality of how you choose to spend your time, and what you do with the information. It’s about intimacy.
Jacob discussing, deconstructing, analyzing, and recapping an episode of Doctor Who for Television Without Pity

Isn’t that just… amazing? I wish I could be even half that.

lo, on the horizon – there travels a geek

Not as though the world really needs further proof of the fact that I’m a terrifically geeky person, but this afternoon I made a Nietzsche/Foucault/robot joke, which hinged on imitating a Dalek. (I can’t really explain it, because like most jokes, that would make it unfunny, but I basically called Foucault Nietzsche 2.0, and it went from there.)

So not only am I geek, but I absorb new pop culture (for those not in the know, I’ve only started watching Doctor Who and Torchwood in the last week or so) at an impossible rate in order to regurgitate it back out into areas of interest. I’m truly, truly pathetic.

…but the people in the room laughed, so hey.