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Can’t Stop The Serenity – Big Damn Movie, Big Screen Benefits

Can’t Stop The Serenity – Big Damn Movie, Big Screen Benefits

24 Screenings Confirmed As Of May 25, 2006

June 23 is the one-year anniversary of the third and final advance screening of Serenity prior to its release. It’s also Joss Whedon’s birthday. Will you be organizing a charity screening to benefit Equality Now for that day (or any day during the week leading to June 23)? Browncoats in the following cities are — so get organizing.

Goddamn, Browncoats are cool. ‘Scuz me while I wipe away the I’m-a-mushy-sobball tears at being a part of such a generous, kind group of people. Joss inspires such amazing things in people – I don’t get how such a self-effacing geek does it.

Anyhow. Portland is down with this, and since I’ll be in Portland June 23rd (I assume, anyhow), I’ll be there. I hope you’ll join a theatre in your city and celebrate Joss’s birthday in style – with Browncoats, supporting Equality Now!

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  1. I think it’s up to 37 cities worldwide now, with a few more still in the planning phase. Not much time left to plan though!
    Can’t wait for June 23rd. I have it on DVD, but my TV is just waaaaaaaaaay to small for this movie.

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