Life as an Extreme Sport

can I claw my eyes out yet?

It’s days like today I really miss my office at the UW. I miss the extra monitors where I could run a movie or TV show in the background to keep the idle bits of my brain occupied, and have background noise. I miss having another computer I could use exclusively for how to and help guides, and I really miss having Bennett around to B.S. with about what I’m working on, the movie or TV on in the background, or whatever else. There are some aspects of coding that are extremely solitary for me, and then there are the days like today where the best thing in the world would be having someone two feet to my right, dealing with his own headaches.

It sounds like misery loves company, but it’s really just a lot more fun when there’s someone around to talk to and entertain when you lose it and yell at the computer/FAQ/non-existent user guide.