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Caffeine Tights That Glow

This day and age on the internet, it’s always nice to find things that surprise you. For example, caffeine tights. A “people are desperate to do anything but actually exercise” ploy to tone skin, in theory your

body temperature causes the release of caffeine microcapsules into the skin increasing the metabolic rate and the burning of fat. This can reduce the circumference of thighs, cellulite and the “orange peel” effect.

And in other “things so strange I couldn’t make up if I tried” news of the weird, BioLume wants to make bioluminescent food additives and makeup.

“BioLumeTM’s” purpose is to use naturally occurring bioluminescence (found in fireflies, and glowing fish, squid, jellyfish, and other marine creatures) to make foods, beverages, and cosmetics that emit their own light. Since all the chemistry that makes these products possible derives from fish and shrimp, it is probably is very safe to use as a new type of food colorant. We do not have FDA approval for use in food, beverages or cosmetics but we are working on it.

An example of a glowing food product would be a birthday cake decoration that glows “Happy Birthday” after the candles are blown out. Another example would be a glowing beverage such as Pepsi Light or Bud Light that would actually give off its own light. It will be possible to develop a beverage that will start glowing blue, change to green, than orange, than red, than have little sparkles go off. Of course this would take some effort. At present, we can make glowing whipping creams, beverages.

BioLumeTM’s subliminal glow cosmetics that would enable women to have their own radiance. Using natural product chemistry, it is possible to make luminous theatrical as well as daily facial makeup. We are currently working on Food and Drug Administration approval of our chemistry for these applications.

Isn’t the cautionary probably very safe a nice touch?