Life as an Extreme Sport

Blogathon 2007

I fear that my own obligations mean that Blogathon 2007 probably will not be something I participate in – if nothing else, I doubt I could garner pledges in the couple of days before Saturday. Uh, the two days before Saturday, that is – my sense of time has been off since Summer Camp.

Although, it occurs to me that I could participate this year, without raising money, just to have done it. I have to write a paper or two this weekend; perhaps I shall blog the paper as I write it – it would be an interesting way to both motivate myself to do a paper and to get feedback as I do it, eh?

Are any of the rest of you participating in the Blogathon? I didn’t see many academics listed…but I also didn’t look terribly closely. ๐Ÿ˜‰