Life as an Extreme Sport


A requirement for papers, at one point in my academic career, was a short bio at the end, a la what you would see in some journals. This was a handy practical writing experience, since it prepared me for the bios you need to write during conference paper submissions.

Anyhow, I got bored with writing them after a while, and started asking friends to write silly ones for me. I just stumbled across this one, which Michael wrote for me back in Sept of 2005, for my Metroblogging profile.

Kelly Hills once wandered the globe as part of a circus acrobatic act. After a brief affair with the Strong Man, she left for greener pastures – also known as Seattle. Here she keeps secret her former life of glitter and scandal while trying to maintain an image of respectability. But we know Kelly! WE KNOW!


  1. Hmm. I’ve largely lost contact with that crowd, and my instinct is that no, we don’t. Partly because the folks who’re in sf_a seem to all have one issue in common/a problem for a site like Metroblogging – they/we are a bit on the reclusive side.

    If you watch one of the MB sites for a week or two, you’ll see that they’re about what’s going on in the community, not just in news but also in sports, concerts, etc. It’s reviews of the activities in the area, and I’m just not sure we have the ability – financial or motivational – to make that happen.

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