Life as an Extreme Sport

Behold the Power of Green

It is perhaps indicative of my day, that my responses to this Slate article went something like this:

  1. Holy shit, they make green tea vodka? Why did I not know this and where can I get some?!
  2. Huh. A green tea martini? Well of course, if you have green tea liquer. That sounds delicious. I wonder where I can get one?
  3. Green tea beer? Seriously? …oh look, they have a blueberry ale, too. I wonder what half green tea IPA and half blueberry ale would taste like – a blue and green, instead of a black and tan? Hmm… I wonder where I can get some?
  4. Oh, man, a green tea bubble bath would feel great right now,… I wonder if I can take one?
  5. Ha! Funny article…