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bad day

Friday wanted to be a bad day, but my sense of responsibility forced me to work. Today got revenge, though – I think overall stress has just caught up to me. So I’ve stayed in my flannels, in bed, cuddling my cats. I just got around to eating – and warmed up some of the chicken noodle soup I was sent. Chicken noodle and matzoh ball!

What is it about this particular combination that makes it such comfort food? I wasn’t raised Jewish, had no Jewish friends when growing up, and yet… it’s the perfect comfort food.

So I’ll stay in bed, read, maybe watch TV, relax, and start over again tomorrow. With a belly full of warm soup, and a heart overflowing with love.

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  1. Heh. Good question. The Talmud has a wonderful story about the Shabbat spice. We call matzo balls “kneidlach,” and we all love them. They are extremely filling, and it was always a challenge to avoid eating too much of it at the first course.

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