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Autopoiesis in Action

I had one of the most amazing experiences in class today. It was the first truly “Thurtle” lecture, and towards the end of the class we started talking about what happens to our body when we go on the internet, where do “we” exist, and so forth. If you’re not taking the class or part of the Thurtle ducklings, it’s understandable if you just scratch your head and say “bwuh?”

Anyhow, I offered to the class that the internet itself is a body that we inscribe meaning upon, just as meaning it inscribed upon us – by other people, and by the internet. That it is an organized body as much as we are. And as I started saying this (admittedly more elegantly than this), Phillip’s lips twitched up and he got this most amazingly satisfied smile – you see, this was one of the first arguments he and I had, only I was very firmly arguing against the idea of the internet as a body. Lo, what difference two years makes.

About 10 minutes later, the discussion about the body has continued…and Phillip mentions a beautiful passage from Shantideva, asking where “I” resides – does “I” reside in the fingers, the hand, the arm?

It was my turn to light up, smiling and containing my glee just barely. You see, I gave Phillip that article on Shantideva over a year ago.

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  1. Aww, I love it!! I am soo glad I was able to have Philip as a teacher and you in class. No surprise you have a lasting impression/effect on those around you both academically and personally. Keep it up and good luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

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