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Alex Halavais » How to cheat good

Alex Halavais » How to cheat good.

Seriously funny advice for how to cheat, and at least reduce your chances of being caught. Thankfully, the one time I caught someone, it was dealt with quickly. Having sat in the ombudsman office when I was bored (she also worked for CHID), I got to see the hassle and hell – for profs – of cheaters.

The interesting thing is, it almost always comes up when I hang out with my academic/teaching friends, and they almost all opt to not deal with it; they just give the person a bad grade and move on. It’s not so much a let someone else deal with it, as it is that the university makes it so damned difficult to deal with, period. Which, really, is a shame – it ends up devaluing everyone’s work (which I think is more important than the fact that it’s insulting to the prof).

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  1. My chair said he’s only had one case of it. But then again, in one of his classes you just know better than to try it. (Not that I would, mind.)

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