Life as an Extreme Sport

“after all, the sky is filled with stars and planets”

stars fall which is much worse but that doesn’t make us fear…*

I flew home on a red eye over New Year’s Eve. I had been hoping to see fireworks from the air – and in fact, did, in all their tiny, bright, sea anemone glory.

But they were overshadowed, in fact, completely minimized, by our flight path, which took us over northern Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Anyone familiar with that arc knows what it means: almost no lights below us, meaning the stars shone in all their crisp, twinkling glory.

And then the shooting stars started, and I spent most of the flight with my face and hand pressed against the window, watching star after star streak down and burn up and away into the new year.

It was a magical start to 2012; hopefully that magic extends the entire year.

Happiest wishes of the new year to you all.

iTunes has this song listed as “The Sky at Night” by Dave McKean, but I haven’t been able to confirm that via rapid Googling,… ideas?