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A Writer Gets Back to Me

I admit, with cheer and some tongue in cheek shame, that I’m a fan of Grey’s Anatomy. Ostensibly, I blame my sister; I was in Philly for a UPenn ethics conference a few years ago and she made me watch the show. And it stuck for me (even though she got frustrated with their idea of medicine and stopped). One of the reasons it stuck was that I did write-ups for the show, in tandem with an epidemiology student from UW, for Seattle Metroblogging.

Anyhow, last night, on the writer’s blog, they offered to answer the first five questions asked. I tossed off my question immediately after the episode ended, but figured that since I’m in PST, there was no way in hell I’d be anywhere near the first five.

Imagine my surprise… (I’ll trust that you know me well enough to know which question I asked – at least once you skim the first five questions.)