Life as an Extreme Sport

12th Man

Heh heh heh.

That was at least a good game – the games where one team just royally blows the other out of the water tend to be sort of boring, because nothing interesting will really happen. You’re reduced to watching to see if someone gets hurt, and that’s rather macabre, even for me. I prefer the games where teams are at least relatively evenly matched, so that there’s actually something to watch. And the Redskins and Seahawks game was one of these – even if the main conclusion you can reach from it is that there is a reason both of these teams were wild cards.

Still, like I said, it was a good game, and Seattle should be proud of themselves for pulling a rabbit out of their hat in the last 10 of the fourth. That was impressive, both in the 12th man sense (and people who don’t think the crowd helps game play have obviously never caught a really rowdy Seattle game, or… ever watched a Packers game, really) and also in being able to visibly see the Redskins give up, one by one.

Jaguars and Steelers are on now, which isn’t nearly as interesting a game. (Yeah, I might be a Packers fan, but I’ve got fondness for Seattle, just having lived there for so long.)