Life as an Extreme Sport


Today’s “wtf” conversation. For background purposes, you need to know I’m dressed in work appropriate clothing (given, y’know, I was working), and have my AMC graduate student badge on (I don’t get my research coordinator one til Monday). Apparently the back side of the badge, which is my AMC/Albany Pharmacy library card, was showing.

Guy in class: Oh, are you a pharmacist? Do you handle drugs?
Me: Er, [walking out the door] no, I’m not and don’t.

I come back in the room, sit down.
Me: I work at the bioethics institute at the hospital.
Guy in class: Yeah, someone else told me. So, do you handle drugs?
Me: …

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  1. Well, you take drugs, so that’s something.

    There’s an ACoP student intern at the SUNY health center pharmacy these days. he’s nice.

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