Life as an Extreme Sport

words make wisdom

For various reasons, and one rather specific one, it became necessary to stop using my office as a large storage room, and get it in working order rapidly. (So now my living room is a large storage room… sigh. But I’m working through it, albeit slowly.)

Anyhow, now that I can sit at my desk, I can see some of the collective wisdom I’ve opted to attach on the side of my filing cabinet. And it’s rather weird to realize that these are things I had hanging up on my cube wall at eWorld, some 12 years ago.

I guess as much as things may change, they stay the same. (And rather, as an aside, solidifies the notion I’ve been a pragmatist long before I knew what it even meant.)

When you lose your temper, the other person gains control.

A person is not hurt so much by what happens, as by his opinion of what happens.
-William James

Of course, the two bumper stickers up are equally apt, tho not quite so old:

I’m not paid enough to be this pissed off!

I’m not gonna drink anymore…won’t drink any less, either!

Yep. That about sums it all up.