Life as an Extreme Sport

what year is it, again?

You can download Web information now about what your genes mean or how much exercise you should undertake if you have a particular gene. By 2004 those same websites will upload information from the genetic samples stored in your pocket gene analyzer and return customized information about the relationships between your genes and your current health.

Oh, really? Apparently I slept through this bit of 2004. (That was three years ago, right? Just checking.)

I admit, I mock. But ya gotta admit, it’s funny. (And yes, I accept my fate for this…)


  1. Do they have those pocket gene analyzers at Best Buy? Apple didn’t mention that they were releasing an iGene when I interviewed with them, but maybe it’s one of those extra features on the iPhone.

  2. Bwaha – excellent. Maybe this is why Leopard has been delayed? So they can write and distribute iGene as part of the new iLife (because really, what other app package could it be a part of)?

    Maybe you’ll be able to plug a little diabetes prick test into the headphone jack on an iPod or iPhone, draw blood, launch iGene, and 10 minutes later,…

  3. Really? I dunno – I’m not sure that’s the right flash idea, or that it conveys the right idea of what iGene would do. That almost sounds more like… iHealth or something. (Apple’s new online telemedicine program, natch.)

    I think iGene would have to be more matrix-y style screensaver. …*amused* Maybe stick figure-y people dancing, and morphing into and out of genetic sequences?

  4. iGene would be the first thing released in their comprehensive iHealth suite. The rest of the suite will help users to interpret and use the data from iGene.

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