Life as an Extreme Sport


Uhm, hello. Welcome to my new little space. Look around, make yourself at home – it’s not much now, but you know me; I can’t seem to be bothered with being silent for too long. In fact, a great dilema lately has been wanting to write, but not having it be much ‘on topic.’ It was frustrating; here I was trying to write out my thoughts on healing from a relationship, and I had nothing to say about it! And then it occured to me; if I have plenty to say, just none of it on the topic I assigned myself, maybe I should change the assignment.

I can be brilliant, sometimes – it only took me, what, 2 weeks to figure out I needed a new writing area? Well, at least it’s good for a laugh.

So yes, anyhow. Welcome, welcome. Settle in, sit back, and let’s see where I go…