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Virtually Speaking Science: Pre-show Storifies & Reading

VSSThis past weekend was the Women in Science Writing Solutions Summit 2014, an event that I had the privilege of participating in not only as an attendee, but Sunday morning break-out sessions organizer/moderator.Along with the ever-fantastic Raychelle Burks and new-to-me, but no less fantastic, Siri Carpenter. I am pleased that this evening on Virtually Speaking Science,Yes, normally I’m on-air the fourth Wednesday of the month, but this month, Tom Levenson and his guest Naomi Oreskes needed the fourth. It worked out well for everyone! one of the summit coordinators, Dr. Emily Willingham, will be joining us to to talk about the incentive for the summit, what happened over the weekend, and how the organizers intend to move forward now.

For those of you who missed the summit, there was a hashtag for Twitter, #SciWriSum14, and the fantastic Maryn McKenna not only live-tweeted during the open social media sessions, but also collected all of the relevant tweets into Storifies. I’m including them, below, as a pre-interview resource for anyone who’d like background information.

Caryl Rivers Explains the New Soft War on Women (#SciWriSum14)

Gender Imbalance in Science Writing: Data from #SciWriSum14

The Challenge and Importance of Being a Mentor… or Mentee (#SciWriSum14)

Moving Forward: Solutions and Next Steps for Science Writing (#SciWriSum14)

“Just What I Needed”: Reactions to #SciWriSum14

I’m looking forward to going over this material in more detail with Emily this evening; talk to you tonight, 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern!