Life as an Extreme Sport

Updates and Flesh

I spent some time updating and fleshing out the website tonight. Apologies for weirdly out of sequence posts on the RSS feed – everything has been housed in its proper place now.

I’m tired. I’ve had about 5 hours of sleep since Saturday night, and only 90 minutes of that was last night. It’s also been an emotionally draining couple of days, culminating in a conversation that terrified me to have. I had it, I admitted being afraid of and about things, and the world didn’t end. Well, maybe. The problem I have is, anything seems off for the next, oh, forever (or at least few days, until talking/seeing/being happens again), I’ll be horrifically paranoid and convinced I screwed everything up.

I’d say I have issues, but really, I have subscriptions. I was reading things I wrote from 2001 tonight, and able to see a lot of them – nothing new, but just seeing how long they’ve been around, that they’re still around. Well.

I haven’t had much sleep, so I know I’m thinking a lot less of myself right now than I should. But at the moment, I feel like nothing much more than a very tired, overworked, basketcase who should be kept away from most of society. Instead, I’m going to take a nap and then write a paper on the philosophy of pain management.