Life as an Extreme Sport

trust/time relation

trust and time are intimately linked. one cannot exist without the other.

time is a construct. all that exists is now, the present. we are always in the present, passing through it. we never reach the future, and the past is always behind us.

we build trust, and make the decision to trust, based on experiences – events – from our past. these singular events allow us to look at the seemingly endless options in front of us and narrow them down; trust becomes a filter that allows us to make decisions. in the network of life, trust gives us a way of managing what would be incomprehensible.

when trust is broken, our options become limitless, and we are paralized, not in fear, but in choice. we have no way of narrowing down the potentiality of an event/situation without the ability to trust. but we trust – or not – based on prior events, and to override those prior events that taught us that we cannot believe our instincts is something that can only be done on faith.

without the ability to trust, we are everpresent in the now, unable to pass through the present. we become stuck.


  1. This is an amazing entry. I discovered your blog while surfing over at the Serenity Universal Board. I’d like to link this entry to my blog so that some of my friends can experience it. You have a wonderful way with words.

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