Life as an Extreme Sport

The time/distance equation

People say, after a break-up, that time and distance will heal the wounds. If there are mutual friends, the advice tends to be make new ones to spend time with, so there are some folks in your life you don’t remind you of your ex, and you don’t have to worry about conversation, parties, or anything else.

I have time on my side; how could I not? No matter what I do or think, time is going to keep moving and dragging me along with it. I’m doing alright at the making of new friends; CHID in many ways has been a lifesaver for it. But the mutual friends are still there, and through them and because of them it’s almost impossible to get distance.

I realize that there’s a very good chance that I’ll achieve that physical distance when I wander off to grad school, but that still leaves me another year of being here and near, and trying to decide what to do about it. In large part that’s why this journal is here; I’m trying to find a place to talk and figure things out without having to worry about being chastised for whatever it is I say.

It might very well be a forest for the trees scenario, but right now it’s tempting to say that the people who’ve chosen to remain friends with my ex have made their choice, and now what’s left is merely for me to act. The promise of distance with that action is alluring.