Life as an Extreme Sport

The Looking Glass

I am conceding defeat and calling this unmaintained for the time being. I’ve been busy, growing and cultivating a life, and spending my time away from the computer and in the word of real people. I’ve met lovely souls on The Well, the Seattle Gothic board, and Karawynns board. I’ve been to Yosemite, and had a lovely time at it. It was wonderful to see my inlaws, to see who the younger ones have grown into, to reconnect with the older ones and parents. To see how happy it made Mars to be able to show me around such a fabulous place, his home… it was priceless. We went to Burning Man, and we survived a cow accident with nothing more than a few broken ribs inside me, and car damage. More importantly, even though it was rough, we survived the week.
It hasn’t all been fun and games – friendships have been lost and feelings have been hurt. But people move from each other, and change is the way of the universe.

Mars and I. There is still Mars and I, which I think is a surprise to us both. I wake each morning marveling at my luck and love. It’s not always easy, and we both have been doing a lot of soul searching and self analysis, to understand what we want and how we think. But tho it isn’t always easy, we keep at it, and it’s getting easier. The talking is freer, the communication is better. And tho it isn’t always easy, it is always worth it. I have been blessed in this life with a mate that I was told, as a child, only existed in fairy tales. MyPrince Charming, my Kingdom Come, my Happily Ever After.

September 30, 2001