Life as an Extreme Sport

technology is rarely foolproof

Sometimes, I have the overwhelming urge to leave people little notes that say something along the lines of “Hi, I’m both smarter than your technology, and than you think.” But then the manners Mom drilled into me as a kid resurface, and I (mostly) behave. In public, anyhow. Kind of. Passive aggressively, anyhow.

As a matter of point, passive aggressive seems to be the name of the game lately, and it’s a game I strongly, strongly dislike. Might even go so far as to say hate. It’s gotten so bad, just the culmination of everything and all, that I slid into driving meditation tonight, something I only ever used to do, in my previous life, when it was the only way to clear my head. (Microsoft got sort of pissy with us after we rather over-zealously used the provided stress relief toys, causing building damage…)

It’s a pretty simple method. Some people do walking meditation, I just take it a step further – a natural step, for someone who tends to see herself so damned augmented by machine. Get in car, pick a stretch of road to go Very Fast on, and go Very Fast with Very Loud and Angry music. Do this for a while, then switch to wandering strange side roads with soft, calming music. Rinse and repeat until it’s time to turn around.

Head back the absolute fastest way possible, going Very Very Fast with Very Loud and Angry music, again. About 10 miles from home, switch to another calm and soothing artist, and sink into the moment and take the time to do your final destress.

Granted, I had an excuse this evening – went to pick up an automated litterbox cleaner from someone a bit north of here – but it was still nice, and needed. I went through my Nine Inch Nails and various gangsta rap albums, wandered through Waterford to Eva Cassidy, spent a while sitting in what was truly the strangest cemetery I’ve ever seen – full of small, glowing/illuminated crosses. Very grave of the fireflys, without the nuclear holocaust. Came back home to more NIN, and finished it all up with Josh Groban.

I managed to hold on to the serenity all the way through dinner.