Life as an Extreme Sport

Stargate Atlantis: Conversion

“I know you have a high threshhold of pain, but this is…

Heh. Dr. Beckett gets a lot of the good lines on Atlantis. Geeks abound! Geeks abound!

Don’t feel like doing a writeup of this, but I am surprised by how much I really liked this episode. I was expecting it to be relatively trite and irritating. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by an intense and character driven episode. The horror aspects were well done, and I really liked how Rodney reacted to everything. It was obvious how much he cared, and how impotent he felt in the face of something that could only be solved by something outside his field. Also, the interplay between Weir and Sheppard was incredibly thick with emotion; it was nice to see the two play so strongly off one another.

I really, really liked this episode. Might just be the best of the season.