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silly kitty, books are for people

It’s been absolutely gorgeous here in Albany – spring seems to be upon us, and the weather the past four days has been sheer heaven. Today, I took advantage of some free time and energy before bed to swap the sheets on my bed, retiring my lovely dragonfly flannels for something a bit lighter. (Granted, I have no idea where the pillowcases are for the lighter sheet set, but one step at a time.) After making the bed, with just sheet and duvet, I tossed the book I’m reading down and wandered out to finish watching Iron Chef America, grab a water bottle, and come back to read for a bit before falling asleep.

This is what I came back to. Silly kitty! Books are for people! He was quite unhappy to move, a stalemate that lasted until I said “fuck it” and laid down on top of him. Even then, it took a few minutes before he decided he really didn’t want to function as a pillow for me, and he reluctantly moved to my feet.

And apropos of nothing save it’s just too cute, have a picture of my penguin humidifier. Because everyone knows penguins are just the cutest things ever. Save my cat, in the middle of my bed, lying on a book and looking pleased as punch.